This is how we spend less than $75/day on a Las Vegas strip hotel, food, drinks, gambling, entertainment, and transportation in 2020.
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Here’s what’s happening today’s Las Vegas vlog:
1. We’re telling you how to get a free stay at the Wynn
2. With $150 in our pocket, we’re showing you a ton of things to do in Vegas
3. How to eat, drink, and have fun on the Las Vegas strip on a budget
4. Gambling the smart way to get free drinks without losing your shirt!
5. How to get a free, gourmet buffet
6. What you can get for free on your birthday on the Las Vegas strip
7. and more!

It’s can be really expensive to visit Las Vegas in 2020 but when you’re armed with some of our tricks for Vegas cheap eats and plethora of other Vegas tips, it’s going to make your Las Vegas travel a whole lot cheaper!

This was our third Las Vegas vlog where we stayed for FREE at Wynn, a 5-star hotel, by playing the Wynn Slots app. This time we even got some free Wynn buffets to boot! In addition to staying in fancy hotels for free, we’ll also show you where you can go to get tasty drinks at a reasonable price with an incredible view of the Las Vegas strip!

Over and above the cheap eats, comped buffets, and incredible views, we also spent some time at The Cosmopolitan where you’ll find some of the best free drinks on the strip. If you’re gambling in Vegas, they’ll let you drink for free, even if you’re a low roller like us! We’re going to share one of our favorite tricks for “gambling” with very little risk of losing much.

This was my birthday trip, so we also took advantage of some free (and quite lucrative) birthday gifts. So if your birthday is coming up, our tips for Las Vegas are going to pay MAJOR dividends!

Some say that Las Vegas has gone downhill in the past few years, but we guarantee that there are still tons of awesome deals to be had in Las Vegas 2020. Be sure to check out the rest of our Vegas videos to help with your Las Vegas travel in 2020 and beyond!

Aside from getting comps and discounts through the MyVegas apps and Wynn slots, don’t forget to check Groupon for Las Vegas deals. Before you purchase one, sign up for Rakuten (formerly Ebates) so you can get cash back on this and just about every other online purchase. I’ve earned over $1,100 cash back so far. Get a $10 bonus through our referral link:

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